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Common Injuries - Cricket

Physiotherapy for Cricket in West Vancouver

Welcome to West Vancouver Sports and Orthopedic Physiotherapy's resource aimed at helping athletes recover from injury and return to cricket  as soon as possible. Correct treatment of an acute injury will minimize recovery time. West Vancouver Sports and Orthopedic Physiotherapy can also help you prevent re-injury by teaching you how to maintain good posture and muscle balance, prescribing you a thorough stretching regime, and providing tips for cricket equipment selection.


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There are several different types of cricket matches, including five, three and one day Test matches as well as the more recently introduced Twenty20 cricket and, at a recreational level, indoor cricket. Obviously, the strain on the body will be different depending on which type of match you participate in. For instance, the longer 5 day Test Match can lead to more repetitive strain on the muscles and joints whereas indoor cricket, with its fast pace, short match time, and increased demands for quick cutting motions, will lead to a different injury pattern including frequent acute injuries. In all types of cricket direct impact injuries from contact with the ball while either batting or fielding can occur. Contusions and fractures of the face and fingers are especially frequent. In addition, while fielding the ball many players 'sacrifice' their bodies to make an important catch so impact injuries of the body against the ground are common.