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Patient Education
Disclaimer: This is the patient reference information section of our website. Please be aware that all information provided by our website on surgical procedures, injections and radiofrequency ablation is for informational purposes only. No invasive procedures are performed at our clinic.

About Us

Welcome to West Van Physiotherapy

West Vancouver Sports and Orthopedic Physiotherapy is a modern physiotherapy clinic with the latest in treatment techniques and equipment.

Our philosophy is to facilitate your recovery with a balance between hands-on treatment and exercise. All of our therapists are involved in continuing education, hold a Certificate of Intermediate Manual and Manipulative Therapy, and are directly involved in local community sports and events. In addition, one of our therapists also holds certifications in IMS and accupuncture.

Our fully equipped gym contains all the necessary equipment to improve your strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and tolerance for exercise and activities of daily living. Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, recreational athlete or simply want to get back to your walking or gardening, we have the tools and skills that can help.

We treat all types of physical injuries including:

  • Sports injuries such as ligament and joint sprains, muscle tears, tendon strains, fasciitis
  • Overuse/repetitive tendonitis or bursitis
  • Neck and back strains
  • Nerve impingement causing tingling in the arm or leg
  • Arthritis conditions including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis
  • Post surgical rehabilitation i.e. ACL repair or joint replacement
  • Postpartum sacroiliac pain and incontinence
  • Whiplash or other injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident (ICBC)
  • Neurological conditions including Parkinson’s, CVA (strokes), and Multiple Sclerosis